Phase I: Survey on Renewable Energy Purchasing and Storage

The Compact conducted a survey to compile members’ current renewable energy purchasing policies and interest in energy storage projects. Phase I of this work-plan research initiative led by the City of Cambridge assessed member interest to shift to low or zero carbon energy sources.

Survey results represent 420 buildings, 43 million square feet and 770 million KWh of electricity use by member organizations.  The results indicate that 69% of respondents currently purchase renewable energy. And that there exists significant interest in exploring group purchase of renewable energy and learning about different types of energy storage.

Compact Renewable Energy Survey Results

Phase II: Energy Storage Research Project

In Phase II, intern Ronald Quintero, Harvard University, worked on a 10 week energy storage research project. His research focused on:

  • Storage technologies that are currently available or expected to be commercially viable soon
  • State, federal incentive programs relevant to the Compact
  • Value of storage projects – financial savings, emission reductions, resiliency
  • Regional / local case studies and lessons learn

Presentation on Energy Storage Opportunities

Energy Storage Resources 

On a related note, Eversource is looking to partner with customers on demonstration projects to test a range of demand reduction strategies. The ‘Eversource Massachusetts Demand Reduction Demonstration’ program will leverage opportunities to lower peak demand and test a variety of technologies including battery storage, thermal storage, software & controls and demand response. Additional information on  the timeline, funding and qualification criteria for these projects is available in the presentation slides.  Or you can watch a recording of the webinar here.