The objective of the Compact educational workshop on ‘Corporate Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Management’ hosted by Biogen on April 24, 2018, was to provide an introduction to GHG accounting principles, and share best practices and organizational experience in setting emission reduction targets and tracking emissions over time. Topics discussed included GHG methodologies and protocols, scope 2 dual reporting, monitoring and data management, and verification costs.


Event Slides and Notes

Overview of GHG Inventory Management Reporting- Alex Carr, Principal and Ryan Cassutt, Program Associate, The Climate Registry

GHG Emission Tracking and Data Collection- Kathleen Woodward, Manager, EHS + Sustainability, Biogen

City of Cambridge Municipal and Community Wide Inventory- Bronwyn Cooke, Sustainability Planner, City of Cambridge

Comprehensive Emission Inventory Accounting at a Complex Decentralized Institution – Caroleen Verly, Sustainability Data Analyst, Office of Sustainability, Harvard University

Workshop Notes