July 2016 Update
Coming off its exciting “start-up” phase, the Compact is now well positioned to dig deep into the critical sustainability challenges in Cambridge to help find solutions that are smart and scalable.

Recent Accomplishments

 In the last year, the active engagement of our members resulted in many positive developments and accomplishments that enabled us to:
  • Create a governance structure, elect a Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and standing committees to guide the stewardship of the Compact.
  • Establish a framework to create and support working groups to leverage expertise of members. This includes our building energy working group which has highlighted and shared best practices and objectives among members.
  • Provide strategic consultation and input as a unique and influential stakeholder group on several initiatives such as the Cambridge Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance, Net Zero Emissions Task Force, and Cambridge Climate Vulnerability Assessment.
  • Hire a part-time staff member to advance the Compact exclusively and enhance our organization and ability to accomplish our goals and objects. We are very excited to welcome Casey Hanson aboard.

Upcoming Plans

With foundational work now under our belt, we are excited to get down to brass tacks on the issues most important to us. Looking at the year ahead, we are focusing on several key priorities of the Compact:


  • With the addition of a part-time staff member, we will be able to support working groups and committees and plan, schedule, coordinate, and implement activities more effectively.
  • We will continue exploring the option of hiring a program manager to enhance the organization.


  • The Climate Resiliency Working Group, recently launched by recommendation from our members, will explore and propose new ways to understand and collaborate on climate change preparedness and adaptation for our community.
  • The Programming Committee will be developing a strategic planning process to identify and highlight the most impactful actions and deliverables that would leverage the unique capabilities of our member organizations.
  • The Communications Committee will be drawing together the Compact’s story and progress from our start-up phase to our recent contributions to key initiatives to share with our broader community.