The Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future always encourages and welcomes Cambridge businesses who support the Compact’s mission to join forces with us.

What are the requirements for becoming a signatory member?

  • Be a corporate, public agency, non-profit, or institutional entity.
  • Have a physical presence or influence in Cambridge.
  • Have operational control of significant environmental impacts.
  • Show an established demonstrated leadership in sustainable practices and innovation.

What is the process for becoming a signatory member?

Prospective members must complete and submit a membership application to the Compact. Applications are reviewed and memberships are granted with a majority vote of the Board. After a prospective member is notified that the Board approved its application and pays the annual dues, membership  is official. 

What if I want to be involved in the Compact, but am not eligible to be a signatory member?

Awesome! The Compact’s work plan spans several focus areas that could benefit from your technical, professional, or community expertise in a volunteer advisory role. Contact our coordinator and submit (1) a proposal of how you would like to be involved, (2) what expertise you bring to our current focus areas, and (3) any questions you have.